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DJI Mic 2 ( 1 TX + 1 RX )

DJI Mic 2 ( 1 TX + 1 RX )

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DJI MIC 2- Wireless Microphones/High-quality Audio Recording/Intelligent noise cancelling

Touch Control & Dial, More Efficient Parameter Adjustment

A 1.1-inch OLED touchscreen linked with a dial ensures

quick and accurate parameter adjustment.

Quick operations:

- On the home screen, press the dial once to choose to adjust the transmitter gain

or receiver gain.

- Rotate the dial to increase or reduce the


Intelligent noise cancelling

Reduced ambient noise for more prominent vocals

After intelligent noise cancelling is enabled, both ambient noise and

background noise are reduced for more prominent vocals during audio recording.

This allows DJI Mic 2 to record clear and pure audio in complex sound


A single transmitter can be directly connected to a mobile phone, Osmo

Action 4, or Osmo Pocket 3 through Bluetooth to achieve audio recording.

You can start or stop recording on mobile phones, Osmo Action 4, or Osmo Pocket 3 simply by pressing

the linking button once on the transmitter.

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