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DJI Pocket 3 (Pre-Order) ETA 7-9 Weeks From Date of Order

DJI Pocket 3 (Pre-Order) ETA 7-9 Weeks From Date of Order

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(Pre-Order) ETA 7-9 Weeks From Date of Order

Pocket 3 standalone Includes:

a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, a Osmo Pocket 3,Protective Cover, a DJI Wrist Strap, and a Osmo Pocket 3 Handle With 1/4″Thread.


Creator Combo includes:

a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, a Osmo Pocket 3

Protective Cover, a DJI Wrist Strap, a Osmo Pocket 3 Handle With 1/4″ Thread, a

DJI Mic 2 Transmitter (Shadow Black), a DJI Mic 2 Windscreen, a DJI Mic 2 Clip

Magnet, a Osmo Pocket 3 Bag.


The Osmo Pocket 3 features a powerful 1-inch CMOS sensor, that delivers

detail-rich imaging, an intuitive 2-inch rotatable touchscreen for precise

control, and the ability to effortlessly switch between horizontal and vertical

shooting. Experience stunning 4K/120fps video[1],

three-axis mechanical stabilization, and an array of intelligent features that

make it the perfect companion for every moving moment.


Compact Design, Impressive Visuals

The compact and flexible Osmo Pocket 3 is equipped with a 1-inch CMOS sensor that

delivers unparalleled image quality, even in challenging lighting conditions.

With the ability to shoot in 4K/120fps, every moment can be caught with

captivating clarity. Through specialized image quality optimization, Osmo

Pocket 3’s night shots bring low-light scenes to life with clarity and

authentic color. The camera will fine-tune the exposure for different skin

tones to deliver a clear and glowing complexion in every frame. For

professional-level creations, the Osmo Pocket 3 offers 10-bit D-Log M and

10-bit HLG color modes that record landscapes with remarkable detail,

presenting accurate colors and vivid highlights. With 10-bit D-Log M, you can

explore up to one billion colors and experience rich detail in every shot,

while 10-bit HLG HDR recording provides a higher dynamic range for stunning

visuals on HDR-enabled equipment.


Intelligent Features

Osmo Pocket 3 introduces a host of intelligent features to elevate your creative

output. Its 2-inch full-color OLED rotatable touchscreen offers effortless

control at your fingertips. The full-pixel fast focusing ensures sharp focus,

even with quick-moving subjects, and introduces a Product Showcase mode for

smooth livestreaming and product showcasing. With its three-axis mechanical

stabilization, Osmo Pocket 3 ensures steady images even during dynamic camera




6.0 offers multiple follow modes, including Face Auto-Detect and Dynamic

Framing, for cinematic-level footage. The built-in three-mic array reduces wind

noise and captures omnidirectional stereo sound, providing immersive audio. DJI

Mic 2 compatibility enables dual-person recording for vlogs, interviews, and

livestreams. Glamour Effects 2.0 adds personalized beauty options, while Osmo

Pocket 3's automatic axis locks secure the gimbal in storage position. Osmo Pocket

3 can be charged to 80% in just 16 minutes[2].

When fully charged, it can record up to 116 minutes of 4K/60fps footage or up

to 166 minutes of 1080p/24fps footage[3].


Creative Modes, Endless Possibilities

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