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Insta360 Ace

Insta360 Ace

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Unlock your creativity.

The Ace series comes equipped with a unique Stats Dashboard and is the first action camera to integrate seamlessly with your Garmin device or Apple Watch, allowing you to overlay your videos with GPS, speed, and other data. Share your adventures with a new level of detail, whether you're cycling, running, or enjoying the great outdoors.

AI Warp is another new creative tool, the latest addition to Insta360’s expanding Shot Lab lineup. Through preset or custom keywords, you can add dynamic effects to your videos. This premium AI feature is highly customizable, giving your footage an incredibly unique twist based off of any prompt you can think of. As Insta360 continues to embrace the game-changing capabilities of AI, you can expect more features added to Shot Lab on the Insta360 app heading into 2024.

The Ace series also features Insta360's signature eye-popping shooting modes, including the ability to shoot timelapses, hyperlapses (in TimeShift mode) and so much more. The infamous Invisible Selfie Stick effect is also possible with the Ace series via the new AI Selfie Stick Eraser, rendering your selfie stick invisible in shots for an immersive third-person experience.

Action anytime, and anywhere.

With their waterproof design, the Ace series can handle depths of up to 33 feet (10 meters). Plus, the Dive Case allows you to take your camera even deeper, down to 196 feet (60 meters).

It isn't just water where these cameras shine, either. They operate smoothly in temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F), making them ideal for winter sports shooting. The cameras utilize Insta360's cutting-edge FlowState Stabilization technology, ensuring your videos remain incredibly smooth, no matter how intense the action gets. 360° Horizon Lock takes things to the next level by keeping your videos perfectly level, even when you're on the move. So, whether you're racing down a mountain trail or capturing high-speed action shots, your footage will remain steady as a rock.

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