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Insta360 GO3 - Tiny Camera with Flip Screen Action Pod

Insta360 GO3 - Tiny Camera with Flip Screen Action Pod

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What's In The Box: (Standalone)


-Standalone includes 1x GO3, 1x Action Pod, 1x Lens Guard (pre-installed on the lens by default), 1x Magnet Pendant, 1x Pivot Stand and 1x Easy Clip.


What's In The Box: (Action Kit)


-Action Kit includes 1x GO 3 (64GB), 1x Action Pod, 1x Lens Guard (pre-installed on the lens by default), 1x Magnet Pendant, 1x Pivot Stand, 1x Easy Clip and 1x Quick Release Mount.

Note: If you have a pacemaker, please do not wear GO 3 on your chest, or use the Magnet Pendant due to its magnetism.



Meet Insta360 GO 3: Unleash Your Creativity with the Ultimate Tiny Action Camera

Next-Gen Tiny Camera Gets Flip Screen Action Pod, Longer Battery Life & More


The tiny but mighty GO 3 takes on-the-go capturing to new heights, building upon the ultra-portability of its predecessor with unparalleled versatility. 


Truly tiny, the camera comes in smaller than thumb size and weighs in at only 1.2oz (35g).


Its unique magnetic body allows you to effortlessly mount it anywhere, opening up a world of possibilities for capturing unique shots from creative angles.


The new Action Pod is the ultimate shooting companion, transforming GO 3 into a more versatile and powerful camera. Using the flip touchscreen, users can control the camera remotely and preview their shot even when GO 3 is mounted in hard-to-reach locations.


When running low on power, GO 3 can be mounted in the Pod to keep shooting for up to 170 minutes. 


Whether you want to capture immersive first-person POV shots, discover life from your pet's eyes, or explore new perspectives, GO 3 provides unprecedented flexibility.


What is the maximum length of video that can be shot with GO 3?

-Depends on mode, settings, and model.

-Always check out the estimated total recording time on the screen's top-left Corner.

-For example, the 64GB model can record roughly 2 hours and 50 minutes in Video mode at 1440P/30fps in 16:9 resolution.

-Recording time may increase if the subject is not well-lit, as it reduces the bitrate and uses less storage.


Key Specs



35mm Equivalent Focal Length


Photo Resolution

2560x1440 (16:9)

2560x2560 (1:1)

1440x2560 (9:16)

2936x1088 (2.7:1)


Video Resolution


2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps

1440P: 2560x1440@24/25/30/50fps

1080P: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps



GO 3: 35.5g (1.25oz)

Action Pod: 96.3g (3.40oz)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

GO 3: 25.6x54.4x23.2 mm (1.0x2.1x0.9in)


Audio Format

48Khz, 24bits, AAC



BLE 5.0

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